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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another Day in Zurich!
Zurich at night!

Enjoying the Lake Promenade of Zurich in autumn was one of my favorite moment! It was so comfortable yet lovely atmosphere for me sat near the lake under the tree in the afternoon while eating chocolate. You should try once! :)

I went to Zurich by train from Innsbruck with few friends. It took around 3 hours and 45 minutes till arrived. Luckily I got the cheapest ticket that day, it cost only  19!!! XD

Zurich Hauptbahnhof

Unfortunately, it was a bit rainy when we were arrived in Zurich Hauptbahnhof that caused us to stay a little longer in Hauptbahnhof. We brought no umbrella. :(

When the rain stopped, we started to walk out to find our hostel and hotel. We stayed in separated places for the hostel was fully booked. Two of my friends were in Hotel Biber while me and another friend stayed in Zic Zac Rock Hotel which is quite near.

Zic Zac Rock hotel is quite unique. They named every room with superstar name. A lot of superstar pictures hangging on the walls with colorful paint walls. More over this hotel was very cleaned and well service. This place located in the center of the Altstadt.

Zic Zac Rock hotel room
Hotel Biber
Possing at Lake Promenade :D

During my short visit in Zurich, I visited many spots in Zurich such as the Altstadt, Grossmünster, St, Peter Church, Lake Promenade, Lindenhof, and the museum in University of Zurich.
Zurich from up above Lindenhof
St. Peter
Gloomy  Rainy Sunday in Zurich
The Chocolate Chef!! :D
Welcome to the chocolates world!
Me and Dong at the Chocolate Shop!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Welcome to Prague! Part 2

The next morning, me and my friends woke up very early in the morning, cleaned our bed and went down stairs for breakfast. After everything was ready, we started to explore Prague! We decided to visit the Charles Bridge first. Way to Charles Bridge was not easy, we were mislead for few times that made us felt the way to the bridge was too far.

On our way to found the Charles bridges, we passed a modern unique building. I didnt know what is that building at first but then I knew that it is the Dancing House. The building used to be destroyed by the U.S bomb in 1945.

The Dancing House

Finally we found the bridge!! Charles bridge is the most important connection between Prague Castle and the Old Town. This bridge protected with three towers. The famous tower of the bridge is the one that located in the Old Town for its gothic-style bulding in the world. Besides, there are around 30 baroque-style statues along the bridges. You will find alot of things in this bridges, there are many music attractions, painters, some kiosks and many other thing. 

Gothic-style tower behind us!!

Charles Bridge

Tsomo, Me, and Julie
Charles Bridge

After that, we continued to visited the Prague Castle to see the ceremony that begun at 12 o'clock. We went in a rush to reach the castle on time, meanwhile some of us were exhausted for it was a bit far more than we thought and we have to pass some way up to got there. Fortunately we arrived on time and we could wathced the ceremony on time! yeaay :D

The Guardians of the Prague Castle at the Ceremony
I stood up in the front row so I cant watch it clearly and got this perfect pict! XD

Prague Castle Gate

Prague Castle is a place where Kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperor and the President of Checoslovakia and the Chech Republic have had their offices. The castle is very very huge!! I just know that this castle is the biggest castle in the world according to Guiness Book of Records!! whoooaa XD
Near the castle there are some famous churches, the architecture of the building is amazing!!

In front of St. Vitus Cathedral 

There are another place that I visited. A famous wall called John Lennon wall is located in Velkopřevorské náměstí (Grand Priory Square). This wall represent the symbol of youth ideal such as love and respect. The other place is the oldest Astronomy Clock in the world! It is also known as The Orloj. this is one of the Prague icon that you have to visit! Once I read a saying "Don't die before you see the Orloj!" hahaha.. XD

John Lennon Wall

Astronomy Clock a.k.a The Orloj

At the end of our destination place we chose Wenceslas Square. The view of this square is very adorable at night! The crowds and the lights is just so perfect! :)

Wenceslas Square

Welcome to Prague! Part 1

As one of the largest city in Europe, Prague has its own amazing beauty! This place is worth it to visit, believe me!! Why? this place have lots of interesting places and history. I went to prague with almost 50 Erasmus students by bus from Innsbruck, it took about 6 hours as I remember, veeery looong journey! XD

Sleepy faces at the bus!

Arrived at Prague, we directly went to our Advantage Hostel. the hostel is located in the center of Prague. The hostel is quite nice and comfortable. They serve good breakfast :D There is one thing that I dont realy comfortable with from this hostel is the bathrom. They use just a slide of plastic (I don't know how to call it) instead of the door. :(

Advance Hostel

Advance Hostel

The Dorm-Type room

The Bathroom

After took a rest for few hours, me and some other friends tried to explore the typicl food of Prague. We went to the restaurant near the hostel that serve the prague typical food. Unfortunately I forgot the name of the food. :(  It was made from egg and cheese from goat. It looks like an omlette! :D the thing that I like about Prague's food is they are so damn tasty compare to the food in Innsbruck and as an Indonesian I realy like it ofcourse! :D

Our Dinner!

Breakfast at the Hostel!

Another tasty food at lunch!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Bajul Mati Beach

Bajul Mati beach located in south Malang, East Java, Indonesia. This is one of must visit beach when you are in Malang. Eventhough this place is not as famous as other beach, this place is worth to visit for its natural beauty.

The bridge to Bajul Mati beach

I went to Bajul Mati beach with #G18 by motorcycle. It needs two to three hours to get there from the Malang city. We were almost desperate for we did not think that it would be that far.

In Sitiarjo
We stopped for a while to get the direction from citizen and taking photos too!!

When we arrived, all bad mood because of the long journey suddenly gone. This beach is way too beautiful!

Bajul Mati beach
White sands and the waves

We were having so much fun!!

White sands, bright sky, good waves and great friends are perfect!

Try to jump up to the highest level of fun! :D

See the waves behind us!!! XD

We found this baby animals near the beach, is this babies of crab??

We dont know exactly what is this, anyone?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Moment To Remember

G18 is a bunch of boys and girls who hold mutual affection for each other.

We dont know exactly when we start to gather
All we know is we are good to be together. :)

Our stories begin here #G18

Trust in one another #G18

The tendency to desire what is best for other #G18
Picture by Aulia Ardana R.K

The Girls! #G18
Soon one of us (the right one) is going to be A Mother!!! XD

Some Boys! #G18
Rrrrrraaaawwww :P

"Each friend represents a world in us,
a world possibly not born until they arrive
and it is only by this meeting a ne world born." Anais Nin

Always have spontanious ways to have Fun! #G18
Birthday Girl and Birthday Boy

Enjoyment for each other's company #G18

Your Friends is the man who knows all about you,
and still likes you." Elbert Hubard

We have the ability to go to each other for emotional support #G18

"A true friends stabs you in the front."  Oscar Wilde

Always brings out the best for each other #G18

"We are all angles with only one wing,
we can fly only embracing each other." Anonymous

Express one's feeling and make mistakes without fear of judgement #G18

"No lapse of time or distance of place can lessen the friendship of those  who are truly persuaded of each other's worth." Anonymous

It's Us #G18